About David Tran

Rupert.Tech Consulting

Developer. Founder. Avid Gamer.

David Tran graduated from BCIT with his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Systems Technology with Distinction. He received numerous awards including the Dean's Award for highest GPA in the faculty, the Distinguished BCIT Alumni Award, and the Distinguished Bachelor of Technology Award.

David aspires to work with the school district, local businesses, and First Nations groups through his business, Rupert.Tech Consulting. David’s inspiration comes from recognizing the demand for technology and he is keen on utilizing his education to give back to his communities.

David is also an enthusiast gamer. In his free time, he plays his saxophone, competes with the local badminton scene in Prince Rupert, and is a competitive Magic: the Gathering player.

David Tran receiving the Distinguished BCIT Alumni Award from Nancy Armitage
David Tran receiving the Dean's Award from Steve Eccles, Dean of the School of Computing at BCIT
David Tran receiving the Distinguished Bachelor of Technology Award from Elsie Au, Program Head at BCIT